“The Best decision for the most important choice of your life.”

If you’re reading this review, you’re trying to decide who to hire as your lawyer. Most likely you’re nervous, anxious, and extremely fearful of making the wrong decision for what will most likely become a watershed moment in your life. In my experience, I believe I wasted about 15hrs in consultations with other attorneys and about $700 down the tube doing so – and was still in the same spot. No idea who to pick.

If you add to that the 20+ hours of wasted time on the internet trying to decide amongst those with higher ratings, reviews, and Martindale scores, it just added to the stress and hopelessness of the situation.

"I took a shot on Mary Moshrefi, and it was without a doubt the single, most important decision I’ve made to date. When I consulted with Mary, I instantly could tell that she was different. Not only was she very attentive and knowledgeable about the law, she is also extremely intelligent.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Mary for an extensive period of time. She is attentive. She is responsible. She calls you back and emails you back immediately. She inspires confidence and you feel stronger when she is in the room. If you have a weak case, or you perceive that your case is weak, she makes you feel like you can win, and then you do win. It really is that simple.

Mary Moshrefi, in my opinion, is an exemplary attorney and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Without a doubt she is a weapon that you want on YOUR side, not the other way around. In one of the most turbulent, stressful, and sad times in my life, this woman inspired nothing but confidence. Mary Moshrefi created hope for me in my life, and then she delivered on EVERYTHING she promised me.

What more could you possibly ask for?"

~ Chris